Monday, September 05, 2016

Scuppernongs (Scupanons) Available $12 per gallon (SEPTEMBER)---Call ahead before coming to pick

Scuppernongs, those juicy muscadine grapes that thrive in the deep south and are commonly called -Scupanons, are about ready for picking at Lyon Farm! We'll be open on a casual basis by appointment for Scupanon picking throughout September and maybe into October. Limited hours are from 8 a,m until 5 p.m. Mon- Sat and Sunday from 12 noon until 5 p.m- but please call to confirm.. Prices will be $12 per gallon bucket. Please no pets!. As always- we use no pesticides. Call JT ahead of your visit at 205-703-6536. 

 FYI- Scupanons are a member of the muscadine family. The Scuppernong grape, was named for the Scuppernong River in NC. The first ever recorded mention of the grape as "Scuppernong" was in 1524, after the Florentine explorer Giovanni de Verrazzano explored the Cape River Valley and marveled at of all the white grape vines everywhere. It's said that the 400 year old Scuppernong mother vine is still growing on Roanoke Island NC. They're a true southern original and for those who haven't tried some, you don't know what your missing out on!. Unlike regular grapes, they ripen into a gold/bronze tone. The skin is a bit thicker than a grape, but it's the pulp in the middle that holds the flavor.

They are quiet sweet and refreshing. Loaded with vitamin C and Potassium, most of my relatives made jams and jellies with them. But, you can do desert wine or explore other recipes, or just eat them off the vine. I've posted a recipe for Scuppernong juice from the Alabama Pioneers website by Donna R. Causey.. here at this link.

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