Sunday, June 16, 2013

We'll Be Opening in mid- June - 7 a.m til 3 p.m Thursday-Sunday- (OPEN ON SUNDAY) Updates- call JT at- 669-9205 or (205) 602-4926

$10 a bucket. Around 30 miles south of Downtown Birmingham. No chemical pesticides! Come join us in June when we open up the farm. JT has been working hard all winter to get his crop ready for your berry picking experience. We're looking forward to seeing old friends and familiar faces as well as new ones too. The buckets are ready and the berries will be soon. Call ahead with any questions and check back here for updates.

TENTATIVE OPENING DATE- First Week of June 2014 for Blackberries/ Blueberries, likely the following week.

DIRECTIONS: <From Birmingham- take 280 south just past Westover to County Highway 55- At County Highway 55, make a right. Then, go about 7 miles to Shelby Highway 40 where you make a Left. Then, go about one mile to Shelby Highway 61. At Shelby 61 go just a very short distance to Shelby Highway 56 where you'll make a left. From there, go about 3/4 mile.....THE LYON BLUEBERRY SIGN IS ON RIGHT

IF YOU BRING ALONG SMALL CHILDREN, PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON THEM.Thanks! Cold Water and portable restroom facilities available.

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